Education has a high intrinsic value in every society and the government views education as a directly productive input. The highest priority has been placed on providing basic education for all and education/training beyond the basic level to those meeting entry requirements.

The purpose of this project is to increase enrollment in schools while improving the quality and service delivery for child development and relevance of primary education; and to strengthen the management (including a better knowledge base for teaching, decision-making, systematic collection, storage, processing and utilization of statistics) of primary education at school, district, regional and national levels.

Improved quality and relevance will be accomplished through a sustainable system for textbook distribution, supply of school uniforms and provision of basic teaching aids.

In the long-term plan, the project also focus on rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure of schools that provides education to BTS beneficiaries, including repairs of buildings and the better provision of water supply, latrines and furniture that will enhance education.


  • Enable the child to bring desirable changes to society while adjusting to modernization through education.
  • For the development of physical and mental faculties
  • Intimate contact between the school and the local community.
  • Enable child to acquire good values
  • Bring out the fullest potential of the child and prepare him for life and its varied situations so that he becomes a cultured and responsible citizen dedicated in the service of the community.
  • Development of the child – physically and mentally

This project was first initiated in Winneba, Ghana in 2016 were we registered 86 children to enroll in our partnered schools.