Career Development Centers

One of the ways by which IMDID achieves its objectives is through the establishment of Career Development Centres within communities. By this establishment, IMDID is able to implement its policies and programs meant for the young people of this community. The goal is to re-awaken the sense of pride among the youth in the community in acquiring skills to work with, based on the following objectives:

  • Raise the level of awareness among community members about the need to acquire entrepreneurial skills.
  1. Involve residents in training their own neighbours for social development.
  • Help the community to control the level of unemployment and lack of skills
  1. Enable the youth to be independent through entrepreneurship.
  • Work with the youth to choose and identify their career and develop their skills.

We partner with community leaders and faith based groups and sends our trainers to such areas to train people in acquiring basic skills that would help develop themselves. Each CDC is successfully accomplished through the following steps:


Activities Log A Presentation of proposal Community Council Meeting
Log B Community research: Carry out a questionnaire survey of at least 50 residents before the project starts and at the end of each series.
Log C Hold several suburb meetings in the community to display the information gathered from the research, discuss the problem, and review actions planned by IMDID in the establishment of the CDC
Log D Orientation & Registration of CDC Trainees
Log E Training (Three (3) months duration)
Log F Project Break & Review
Log G Training Resume (Three (3) months duration)
Log H Trainees Graduation
Log I Outreach to other communities, invite other Council members from at least two adjacent communities
Log J Establish Trainees in entrepreneurship, constant visit to ensure the use of knowledge acquired.



Currently, the team has been able to establish CDC’s in two communities, that’s Kwanyako and Anomabo, all in the Central Region of Ghana.

Photo Credit: Anomabo CDC, a delegation of IMDID Team led by Mr. Geoffrey Asare for a community research before it establishment

Photo Credit: Kwanyako CDC, a delegation of IMDID Team led by Mr. Ike Krampah for a community research before it establishment.