Schools & Community Clubs

The main goal of the club is to provide a fun opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of international affairs, leadership and diplomacy and to interact with other students who have shared interest in this goal. As such, the club;

  • Allows students to cultivate their interest in international issues, debate and discuss current affairs.
  1. Reinforce the relevance of discipline in leadership for everyday lives.
  • Introduce students to the possibility of future study or employment/appointment in 
diplomatic missions
  1. Offer students the opportunity to serve their community through volunteering.
  • Expand students’ leadership skills by conducting demonstrations and involvement in 
community events.

There are several reasons why the establishment of a school club is important. Among those benefits are:

  1. Access to selected IMDID activities, projects and information
b. Receiving materials and resources from IMDID and its partners for free
c. Connections with IMDID local and international sections at colleges and universities
The IMDID Clubs prepares emerging leaders in junior and high schools, colleges and communities around the globe. Student members of the clubs learn how to communicate thoughts and ideas, how to organize a presentation and more about leadership and trending international affairs, while gaining problem solving skills. The experiences gained from the foundation empower them to be effective leaders and connected to other members in different schools and communities. The clubs also helps them to recognize the benefit of community service. The experiences also prepare them academically for career and other opportunities. This is dedicated to high quality care of students with our Student Council, of highly qualified and experienced professionals. During meetings with students, our team creates something educative, interesting, interactive, fun and meaningful to involve every member of the club.

ß Membership Benefits
i. Full/partial scholarship to brilliant but needy student
ii. Participation in before & after school or holiday programs/conferences iii. Learning materials to selected students.
iv. Annual academic awards

  1. Career selection workshops ß Parents Benefits
  2. Family feedback on child’s attitude ii. Child development training
iii. Visits from Child Caregivers


ß Institutional Benefits
i. Free In-service training for teaching staff
ii. List of schools running IMDID Clubs on our website
iii. Interns and volunteers to support training of students iv. Partnership creation to increase enrollment

  1. Integration of ideas among teachers of IMDID Clubs operational schools.
One of the most important activities for any club is it leadership, keeping a handle on all of the administrative details required to ensure the smooth operation of the club. The IMDID Team supervises the effective management and student leadership of the various clubs in schools and communities, assigning a team member (Club Facilitator) and a Patron appointed by the schools administration to each club.

IMDID Secretariat

IMDID Club Director

Student Council

Area Directors


Club Facilitators

Disciplinary Council

Club Executive Team

The IMDID Team, under the leadership of the IMDID Student Council Chairman, Geoffrey Asare and the Clubs Director, Ike Krampah, we have been able to institute clubs in A.M.E Zion Girls Senior High School, Uncle Rich Senior High School and Coast for Christ Baptist Junior High School, all in Winneba, Central Region of Ghana, and still looking forward to the institution of more community and schools clubs.