For every IMDID conference, forum or events, the team ensures the planning, effective control, management, budgeting, analyzing and every aspect of the conference as projected by the Secretariat. An IMDID conference gives the young adult a wide range of opportunities to improve upon him/herself. After attending Global Youth Diplomats Conference etc, every young person takes on a rather improved personality which can take him/her to greater heights in life. At IMDID, you are exposed to global issues as a young person, thereby igniting the passion for being a global game changer in you; and making you well versed in current affairs.

This distinguishes you from your peers and you always become outstanding. Also, you learn to appreciate the efforts being made at resolving the several issues confronting our world.

The sense of appreciation is the attitude you acquire. This goes a long way in improving your human relationships and changing your way of thinking and how you perceive things. After attending any of our conferences, you become a generational thinker.