Global Youth Diplomats Conference

The IMDID Global Youth Diplomats Conference is one of our projects designed to be organized annually. Participants are mostly from tertiary institutions, with others being graduates and working. After attending Global Youth Diplomats Conference, individuals take on a rather improved personality which can take them to greater heights in life.

At GYDC, delegates are exposed to global issues as a
youth leaders, thereby igniting their passion for being a global game changer; and making them well versed in current affairs. This distinguishes them from their peers and they always become outstanding. Delegates also learn to appreciate the efforts being made at resolving the several issues confronting our world. The sense of appreciation is the attitude they acquire. This goes a long way in improving their human relationships and changing the way of thinking and how they perceive things. After attending GYDC, delegates become generational thinkers.

The first GYDC was organized in October, 2016 at Windy Bay Hotel, there was leadership lectures from Dr. Hinneh Kusi, Rev. Linus Annobil Addo and Dr. Samuel Tinagyei under the theme, “Guiding the way in the 21st Century, the challenge for change.” Delegates were divided into four committees, Disarmament and International Security Committee, Economic and Financial Committee, Special Political and Colonization Committee, Social and Humanitarian Committee, to discuss relevant issues of global concern and provide resolutions.