We introduced Idea Lob for Conceptual Tour (ILCT) in 2016 when we needed to consider the numerous proposals from young people via email and our social media pages. This project partners with other organizations and institutions to create opportunities and set a platform for the youth who demonstrate enthusiastic abilities, with innovative ideas to cause social change

and human development through volunteering, by presenting their proposals to the Secretariat of the International Model Diplomats for Integrated Development (IMDID). The ten (10) finalist of the Idea Lob joins the IMDID Team on a Conceptual Tour to various communities and colleges within their region, to educate their peers and campaign on their selected topics related to Education, Youth Development, Agriculture, Environment and Health.

The purpose of the ILCT project is to directly assist future leaders to increase awareness and boost interest and confidence in their field of specification and to harness economic opportunities and develop their careers by volunteering for change. It is also to facilitate sharing and flow of information and to build technical capacity of individual youth in development.


Applicants must select a field that falls within the general categories listed below; submit proposals in the area of:

  • Education
  • Youth Development
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Health 
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be within the ages of 18 – 25 years
    • Be a resident in Ghana
    • Demonstrate maturity, flexibility and civil society leadership potential
    • Have excellent academic record
    • Demonstrate professional and practical experience in a relevant area
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the language of instruction and the area the applicant has 
pitched his/her idea
    • Must be able to participate in an intensive project assignments


  • Demonstrate a clear commitment to the pathways for social and human development through volunteering
  • Must be able to travel with the IMDID Team for the Conceptual Tour and other community research programs.


  • Competition for the Idea Lob for Conceptual Tour (ILCT) is open and merit-based. Selection is based on an applicant’s fit with the program’s objectives as well as the criteria of the participating partners. Academic excellence, professional aptitude, leadership potential in social work and voluntarism, proven commitment to open society values, and appropriate language proficiency are all important factors in evaluation. 
All eligible applicants will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. The proposed field of campaign should be logical for their goals expressed in the essays, and the application itself should be organized and complete. Compelling candidates will be interviewed by a Selection Committee comprising of IMDID Team Members and representatives of partnered organizations.


  • Applications must be submitted by a given date
  • All applicants will be invited for an orientation to the project
  • Applications are reviewed within the year as stated by a Selection Committee appointed 
by the Strategic Council
  • Those chosen to continue in the project as semi-finalist are required to submit 
additional documents (e.g. letters of recommendation etc) and to join an official project
  • Some semi-finalists may also be invited to submit proposals to our partnered 
organizations and sponsors.
  • In December of the said year, semi-finalist will be invited for an in-person, Skype or 
telephone interview.
  • The fifteen (15) finalists will be notified in January of the stated year. Please note that all 
winners are conditional subject to IMDID Secretariat review confirmation.
  • Successful finalist will be notified via email of their involvement in the next year’s 
Conceptual Tour


Interested applicants must complete and submit an online or paper application in English to be considered for the Idea Lob project.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply online. To apply online please go to to access the Google form or our website to register and then follow the instructions.

  • Paper Application
If you are unable to apply online, paper applications may be accepted in the same form as instructed on the online. Follow the steps online and complete a Word version, printed document of the information required. You can send paper applications and all supporting materials to IMDID Secretariat, P.O. Box KU 252,
  • Winneba,
  • or email soft copies to [email protected]
  • Late applications will automatically be disqualified.