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IMDID TOGO: The Hunger Project

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Participation in the round table discussion of The Movement for Community-Led Development.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Venue: Hotel LeBenin (Ibis).

The round table discussion of this day started at 8h45 with a performance by a Folklore group.

This was followed by the welcoming address by Mr. Djobossou, the West African Coordinator of the Hunger Project!

He reminded the audience of the reason why we have met: to know one another and bring this movement to our communities.

He was followed by Dr. Gustav who reminded us that the movement is already being implemented in other West African countries and can possibly be operational in Togo through the contribution of each one of the Organizations represented.

After these shorts welcoming addresses, Dr. John Coonrod, the Executive Vice President of The Hunger Project, gave a short but mind-blowing presentation.
His presentation focused on explaining the practical aspects of the project.

This project’s target is to fight hunger in the developing world. But instead devising programs in offices for the remote communities, the project aims at involving them by organizing them and make them implement it for their own development.

This is structured around this plan:

Vision – Commitment – Action.

He concluded by pinpointing that women empowerment is part of the program as it works equally for change of patriarchal mindsets which hinders women’s self fulfilment.

Ann Hendrix-Jenkins, the Senior Advisor of the Movement for the Community-Led Development, shed further light into the implementation of the project by insisting on the importance of the change of mindset for an efficient eradication of hunger in the developing countries.

Various questions and comments followed the two presentations.

Many participants pledged to work for the achievement of The Hunger Project in Togo.

The meeting ended at 12h30 with a group picture!

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