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International Office, Ghana meets the Togo Local Organizing Committee of the Fourth Annual GYDC 2019

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The Meeting with the Local Organising Committee of the Fourth Annual Global Youth Diplomacy Conference, Togo 2019 at ONG VISA, at AVENOU, Lomé – Togo on Saturday, 5th January at 8:30am

The 4 member delegation from the International Office, Ghana and the 2 representatives from Benin Republic Team arrived at Lome, Togo on Friday, 4th January.

The meeting which was chaired by the Executive Director, Hon Mr Gilbert Reinall Addo in the absence of the Conference Director, Hon Ms Patricia Tinkorang proceeded with an introduction of committee members present by the Country Director, Hon Mr Isaac Koffi Abotchi of Togo at 8:30am. In attendance were 21 committee members and some volunteers from the IMDID Togo Team, the 2 representatives from IMDID Benin Republic Team and the delegation from the IEMT.

The activities for the Conference was discussed, requirements from each team was mentioned, materials and equipment necessary for implementation of the event was pinpointed, and the process for registration, arrival of guests and delegates etc was clearly identified. This overview welcomed ideas and input from the committee members present. Dr. EKOUE-KOUVAHEY Kangny Damien, who is the Director of ONG VISA, at AVENOU, and the medical doctor for the Togo National Football Team was present at the meeting, and appreciated the efforts of IMDID Togo and the international team in training the youths and acknowledged his interest in the vision and projects of IMDID. He assured the Country Director, Hon Mr. Isaac Koffi Abotchi of his willingness to support the GYDC 2019 and added that he would provide free ambulance and other medical assistance for the Conference come August 7-11, 2019 as part of his sponsorship for the event.

The committee, at 2:00pm visited the proposed conference venue, Centre Diocesain Monseigneur Seshie at Kpalime – Togo. The facility has a 330 capacity conference hall with a theater setting, accommodation that can take up to 200 people based on the planning team’s arrangements, a dinning hall, a parking lot which is appropriate for the Festival of Peace, a kitchen which they’ll permit us to cook for our delegates, a reliable electricity and water supply, security assured with only one entrance and exit to the compound and fire safety points identified.

The committee on visiting the facility also identied the appropriate locations for the Registration Desk, Information Desk, a Locator Map, International Hall of Fame, Press Room for the Media Team, Command Center for centralized authorization and a Sick Bay.

The manager of the facility stated that access to internet can be arranged for the entire venue at a cost. On finalising the costs involved in using the facility, we noticed it’s much cheaper and less expensive to use.

After several inspection and thorough discussion the committee returned to Lome, Togo in a full bus at 7:15pm. The list of items, equipment and amenities that were identied as a necessity for the event was drafted and a budget shall be raised on that to the Finance Director. Efforts for sponsorship and partners was encouraged.

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