National Initiatives on Education (NIE)

We are committed to continuous learning, training, research and innovation without discrimination, and always ensuring gender equality. As part of our NIE project, we organize educational campaigns, community talks, conferences and forums etc to champion specific areas of concern and stay current with the latest trends of education. A part of our NIE facilitates in-service training to equip trainers on the job in order to help children and the youth as targeted to gain the knowledge we expect.

Implemented Initiatives Includes: Back To School InitiativeProject HMC (Help Mentor Children)Boost CampMUN ClubsGlobal Youth Diplomacy Conference and the Idea Lob for Conceptual Tour.

Partner With Us For NIE

Rising awareness of African learning crisis has turned the spotlight on schools and teachers. Education system across the entire continent needs reform urgently. African children have problems long before they enter school. Daily children have to deal with enormous poverty and educational disadvantage.

Over the years, we have organized several training workshops for students in different countries including Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic and Mali to address some of these challenges on our continent.



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