The IMDID Network creates fellows of the International Model Diplomats for Integrated Development (IMDID) and provides members with invaluable opportunities to connect with other leaders in their community and to learn from experts in their field.

Network members have access to unique support from the IMDID Team such as training courses and special events in their area. Already, young African leaders from four countries including Ghana have joined.

The IMDID Network also provides members with email updates and opportunities to collaborate with other young leaders across the world.

IMDID Network fellows have access to:

  • Free Training Modules: This is to equip IMDID Fellows about actions they can take to address issues within our projects, including Healthcare, Agriculture, Education and Youth Entrepreneurial Empowerment. The modules are to improve the networking skills of our IMDID Fellows in public speaking and written components with discussion guides to spark conversations; and quizzes to test your knowledge, that would help the member to earn an IMDID Network Certificate.
  1. IMDID Campaigns: Every month, the IMDID Team acknowledges a member or group of members of the IMDID Network by awarding the efforts of a fellow who raises much awareness online and sensitize or takes actions in his/her community of a chosen topic within our projects. Members come together to address important issues across the globe. Through these campaigns, you can join other IMDID Network members in raising awareness and taking actions, both online and in your communities. The online campaign on Facebook and Instagram goes with hash tags (eg. #IMDIDEbola #GirlChildEducation etc) depending on the topic being discussed, IMDID Network Fellows who gather community members on such campaigns, sends pictures via email and on social media to the IMDID 
Team for recognition of what they’re doing in their area to demonstrate their leadership for development.
  • Offline Connections: The IMDID Team organizes events that bring all IMDID Fellows together for discussions, meet people who share their passions, a chance to network with people in your field of interest or a way to learn new skills from peers. This face to face platform is to help members network with like-minded leaders in their area and organize meetings and events focused on the topics that matter most to them and their community.

The IMDID Network has currently got registered members from Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Michigan, USA.

On 10th September, 2016, a delegation led by the International Relations Director, who also serves as the IMDID Network Manager, organized the first IMDID Offline Connection at the Department of Performing Arts of the University of Ghana, Legon, discussing the need for volunteering, and the pathways for human and social development.