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IMDID Gambia Participates in Tech4All Gambia’s Capacity Building Training

Tech4All Gambia Wraps Up Capacity Building Training, IMDID Gambia Participates. The Tech4All Gambia, a voluntary organization over the weekend conclud...

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REPORT: WeAfrihug and Erasmus Mundus training at Kumasi Technical University.

The meeting was a two-day training for Students and one-day training for teaching staff of the university. The training were to expose undergraduate S...

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International Relations Director participates in a focus group discussion with WANEP

Maxwell Beganim, International Relations Director, was in invited for a focus group discussion to represent International Model Diplomats for Integrat...

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Partnership Opportunities With Three Malian Organizations Discussed on 14th May, 2019.

African Business School (ABS) is a private university located at Hamdallaye ACI opposite the Ministry of Defense in Bamako, Mali. The university provi...

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REPORT:Report on Partnership Meeting Between IMDID and Associations in Sangarebougou, Mali.

On 13th May, 2019 a meeting was held to discuss possible partnership opportunities between IMDID and Sangarebougou, Bamako in Mali towards the develop...

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IMDID GAMBIA: American Corner Holds Leadership Cafe’

The American Corner, Banjul today held a Leadership Cafe’ with officials from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, on the theme “...

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IMDID TOGO: The Hunger Project

Participation in the round table discussion of The Movement for Community-Led Development. Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Venue: Hotel LeBenin (Ibis). The r...

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IMDID Mali: Youth Civic Engagement Forum

Youth Civic Engagement Forum at the Community Center of the Sangarebougou Municipal Office, Bamako, Mali organized by IMDID Mali National Executive Ma...

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IMDID Ghana’s Volunteers Training Seminar

The National Executive Management Team in Ghana organized a Volunteers Training Seminar at Humility Lodge, Swedru on April 6, 2019. The Country Vice P...

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IMDID Ghana upcoming events

The Ghana branch of the International Model Diplomats for Integrated Development is organizing an Easter project under the organization’s Projec...

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