• To identify, promote and network global minded youths regardless of their gender, ability or disability, culture, beliefs or political affiliation.


  • To train and network model diplomats so they can harness economic opportunities and develop their careers.


  • To establish a platform where members add value to each other, where dreamers are raised and promoted, where dreams are revived and people are helped to discover their purpose, where leaders are raised and young adults are supported and networked.


  • To increase awareness and boost interest and confidence in international affairs.


  • To offer helping hand to the vulnerable and less privileged in the society by training them to gain entrepreneurial skills through other mechanisms.


  • Capacity strengthening; build technical capacity of individual youth in development.


  • Policy research and advocacy; undertake policy research, lobby and advocacy on issues of interest to individual diplomat and the general public.


  • Linking, collaboration and networking; facilitate sharing and flow of information among model diplomats, linkages with other institutions and build relationships that add value to the organization.