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REPORT:Report on Partnership Meeting Between IMDID and Associations in Sangarebougou, Mali.

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On 13th May, 2019 a meeting was held to discuss possible partnership opportunities between IMDID and Sangarebougou, Bamako in Mali towards the development of their community and youths. This executive meeting scheduled with the Executive Director of IMDID, Gilbert Reinall Addo was attended by Bangouma Coulibaly the President of the Sangarebougou Youth Association, who’s also the Headmaster of Lycee Fode Benggaly Camara, Yousouf Keita, the President of the Association of Youths for Development (AJDS), Soungalo Coulibaly the Coordinator for Education at IMDID Mali and the Country Director for IMDID Mali, Adama Konta.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish a framework for partnership and a Memorandum of Understanding  for the implementation of projects in Mali, beginning from the Sangarebougou and Boulkossoulbogou communities. The major areas of concentration was youth empowerment and entrepreneurship, sanitation and health and volunteering for the development of education.
Bangouma Coulibaly expressed his hope that building a corporate partnership with IMDID shall strengthen their efforts towards sustaining their communities and ensuring a safe environment for all. He added that they have already considered themselves as volunteers to IMDID as long as this partnership is concerned. Gilbert Reinall Addo vividly outlined in their discussions how IMDID intends to work with them and what they expect from the community in return as their support to advancing the achievement of the partnership between both organizations.
The objectives of the Career Development Center as a way to provide entrepreneurial skills to the people was proposed for Sangarebougou, the benefits and involvement of a recycling and waste management company and designing policies to control environmental health issues as well as involving the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was mentioned in the deliberation by the Executive Director of IMDID. He assured that IMDID will do it best to raise funds and involve experts for this purpose. The participants affirmed their respective associations full support to the partnership.

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