This is the principal organ of IMDID for providing studies, information, and facilities needed by the team. It is made up of the Executive Director and eight (8) Technocrats drawn from any one or more countries in which IMDID operates, who have qualifications, experience and special abilities that ensure success of
all the activities of IMDID. The
Secretariat is elected through a
process ensured by the
Strategic Council and
inaugurated into office in
August for a 4-year term of
office and runs the Head Office
affairs and gives directions in
the implementation of the
policies set out by the Strategic
Council. Each appointed Secretariat leads for four (4) years and each member is open for reelection as an individual after the four (4) year term of office. The Secretary General is a member of the Secretariat. The Secretariat is led by a President who is not the Secretary General. The Secretariat has the following positions: President, Secretary-General, International Relations Director, Communications & Public Relations Director, Finance Director, Internal Affairs and Conference Management Director, Advocacy Programs Director and the Campus Clubs Director. The Secretariat appoints for offices as and when necessary.