The official members of the Strategic Council are appointed from among the list of volunteers of the IMDID Network, with qualification and experience. They are inaugurated into office in January for a 3-year term of office. All members of the Secretariat and the International Office (Top Management) may be ex-officio members of the Strategic Council. The Country Vice President of each country and any one other manager in the CMT (as selected by the individual CMT) sits in the Strategic Council. The Strategic Council is chaired by a Chairman, who is not the President of IMDID. The Strategic Council may elect and appoint one or more Portfolio Committees comprising at most five (5) members, to tackle issues as determined by the Strategic Council from time to time. Every committee or council’s terms of reference is been determined by the Strategic Council. It is made up of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary for Information, Secretary for Finance and a Committee Member, who are appointed by the Secretariat. The Strategic Council ensures the election of the next Secretariat, the nomination of the Board of Trustees, the appointment of the managers of the International Office, and administers staffing, as well as coordinating the affairs of volunteers on the IMDID Team, working as the main organ in charge of human resourcing and policy making.