Youth Entrepreneurial Empowerment Projects (YEEP)

We focus on transferring knowledge to the youths in rural communities by collaborating and partnering with stakeholders of those areas, training them for the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills such as soap making, pomade, beads, hairdressing, sewing, shoe making, batik and tie & dye, repairing of electronic gadgets etc.

There is this colonial mentality among the first generation graduates in Africa where there has been a craze for white collar office work alone. In recent times, many African graduates have faced a lot of frustrations from lack of achieving the white collar job so to speak.

Skills Acquisition As A Necessity

Skills can do a lot of great work in the life of every living soul. Lack of skills is a major cause of corruption and increased poverty in Africa. The importance of skill acquisition includes self employment, diverse job opportunities, employment generation, effective function, and crime reduction.

As part of designing mechanisms to curb social vices and other challenges associated with the well-being of single mothers and youth, IMDID initiated the Career Development Center under the Youth Entrepreneurial Empowerment Project (YEEP) to train the youth in acquiring employable skills.


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